This is different for everyone, but we make it extremely easy for you to customize your cleaning to fit your exact needs! Our recurring maintenance cleaning services are perfect for busy families or people that simply don’t have time to clean or just don't want to!

The importance of recurring cleaning

Did you know that:

  • Because we maintain contract free relationships, you always have the freedom to adjust your service and frequency to fit your ever-changing life and needs.
  • Our regular cleaning will keep your home looking after your initial deep cleaning. You can schedule weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly visit.

Weekly: Is your schedule booked with your kid's soccer practice, ballet, and a dozen other extra curricular? Do you have an open door policy and guests who stop by often? Weekly cleanings might be a good fit for you!

Bi-Weekly: If you find yourself stressed out and would rather spend a little time with friends and family instead of cleaning on your weekends, bi-weekly cleanings are the perfect fit.

Monthly: Do you live alone? Are you away from home, traveling for work often? You may find that monthly cleanings service your needs.

Guests Dropping In? Want keep clean? We covered!

  • Unexpected visitors? A busy work week? Kids going in eight different directions?
  • With regular, recurring house cleaning from SimplyPure Cleaning & Home Services, you will always be ready whatever adventure life throws your way—and even if you never leave the house.
  • We offer ready-for-anything housecleaning services at reasonable prices.
  • Whether you schedule your visits every week, every two weeks, or monthly, a recurring cleaning service ensures you can make the most of your home. And vacuum lines. And shiny floors. And sparkling appliances. And bathrooms that never smell like…bathrooms.

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