Move in / Move out Cleaning

Our cleaning system sets us apart. Our customers keep coming back to us, because we provide services that work and keep their homes and apartments clean, right down to the little details. This extensive cleaning system, which we call our Detail-Clean Rotation System, which has been proven to be effective in more than five million cleans!

How does our move in / move out cleaning program work?

SimplyPure Cleaning Company team understands our customers and we are happy to provide our services to make the hard time easier for you. We know that moving in/out is very exciting, besides that, it’s also very stressful. You have thousand things to remember and keep in mind, plus packing/unpacking etc.. We are happy to provide help for you in this exciting journey. Let us make cleaning the less thing you will worry about. Leave it for us and do the exciting part while we are doing the rest.

Here what we offer:

  • BathroomsTrash emptied, scrubbing the walls with tile and grout cleaners, washing the shower rack and soap dish, rinsing off and dry the walls with microfiber cloth, clean shower track/ curtain line, scrub bath/shower/toilet, placing items back (removed before), vanity, soap dish cleaned, countertop wiped, scrub sink, wipe down the cabinet fronts, mirror cleaned, faucet cleaned and shiny, door-Frames, switch plates cleaned, baseboards, spots on the wall, light fixtures and vents
  • Sleeping AreasMake a bed (linens changing upon request), remove clutter and dust, remove fingerprints and dust from woodwork, door-frames, switch plates, picture frames, lamps, lampshades; windowsills, blinds (if requested), trash emptied, furniture dusted, vacuum the upholstered furniture if needed, vacuum the floors, mopping the floors (if not carpeted), tops of the furniture and underneath dusted, switch plates and plugs, baseboards, spots on the wall, light fixtures and vents
  • Living AreasUpholstered furniture vacuumed if needed, cushions and pillows – fluffed and straightened, fingerprints removed, lamps and lampshades dusted, picture frames and woodwork and other items – dusted, furniture dusted (top, front, underneath), windowsills, blinds dusted (if requested), floors and carpets vacuumed, floors mopped (if not carpeted), hallways and stairs vacuumed, hallways and stairs  washed (if not carpeted), switch plates and plugs, baseboards, spots on the wall, light fixtures and vents
  • KitchenWipe down countertops and cabinets fronts (inside and outside), appliance exterior (Fridge, dishwasher etc. – inside and outside), microwave inside/outside, stove top (inside if requested), sink inside and around, tables and chairs, backsplash, fingerprints removed from all surfaces, windowsills, blinds (if requested), trash emptied, vacuum and wash the floor, switch plates and plugs, baseboards, spots on the wall, light fixtures and vents
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