Very often we get asked quite, how do I remove chewing gum from my carpet? Here are two  methods you can use until you contact a professional carpet cleaner like SimplyPure Cleaning Company to remove any left over staining.

The freezing method:

To help remove chewing gum from your carpet, is to first try the freezing method. Before you start freezing the chewing gum, gently scrape off as much gum on the carpet as possible with a blunt knife and make sure you do not damage the fibers. After scarping off the gum, put ice cubes into a sealed plastic sandwich bag and rub the bag of ice over the chewing gum to freeze the gum to freeze it. Once the chewing gum is frozen, remove the gum by scraping it away. Keep repeating this method until the chewing gum is removed.

If the freezing result did not give you the results you wanted, try the heating method.

The heating method

Using the heat method to remove chewing gum is also a great. Firstly, gently heat the chewing gum with a hair-dryer for a minute or two. Once the chewing gum has become softened, gently remove it by hand by covering your hand with a gloves and lifting the chewing gum from the carpet. Repeat this method until as much gum as possible has been removed.

Hope it will help you and we look forward to working with you in the future, SimplyPure Cleaning Company Carpet Cleaning in Chicago metro areas.

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