Commercial Cleaning

Our cleaning system sets us apart. Our customers keep coming back to us, because we provide services that work and keep their homes and apartments clean, right down to the little details.

How does our commercial cleaning program work?

Commercial cleaning includes cleaning spaces such as offices, retail stores, buildings. Your office building is the face of your company. To keep your organization at it’s best, we provide commercial cleaning services. Our products are eco-friendly and what that means to your employees and customers is that they don’t have to worry about chemicals and fumes that can be harmful to their health. There’s the basic checklist we provide for this type of cleaning:

Clean and disinfect all bathrooms, clean and disinfect inside and outside of toilets, clean mirror, counter top and edges in the bathroom, disinfect all sinks, wipe paper towel dispenser, wipe doors, wipe door handle’s inside and outside and light switches, sweep and mop bathroom floors, clean, sweep and mop all general locations, dust accessible windowsills, baseboards and other flat surfaces, vacuum carpet runner, wipe light switches, door handles and doors, clean cigarettes from urn on porch, clean and polish drinking fountains, clean glass doors, all windows and window seals, wipe and disinfect work desks, phones, computers, printers and file cabinets, sweep and vacuum all offices, vacuum door runner, dust accessible windowsills, baseboards and other flat surfaces, wipe and disinfect bookshelf, clean and disinfect table and counter top in the kitchen area, clean and disinfect the outside of refrigerator, sweep and mop floor

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