Pets are common in every household and they are the most adorable beings, however, these pets can bring along fleas. Once a house is infested with fleas, it is very difficult to get rid of them.


Fleas are tiny insects, which are reddish brown in appearance. They act as a parasite feeding the blood of humans, their pets, and the birds. Fleas have strong legs, which enable them to cover long distances, as they do not contain wings.



The Yard – Fleas thrive in many climates but prefer moist, humid and shady areas. They love to live in wood piles and tall grass. Be sure to use a yard spray that is designed to kill fleas and ticks in the outdoor areas of your home.
Dog House – Fleas may be your dog’s number one visitor at their dog house, so be sure to treat inside the dog house and the area surrounding.
Your Home – Many times, the majority of fleas are living in someone’s home are in the egg and larval stages. To ensure that they don’t progress from larvae to pupae to adult fleas, be sure to change your pet’s bedding often, vacuum thoroughly and regularly and discard your vacuum bags. Flea eggs and larvae are the first 2 of 4 stages in the flea life cycle.

If these two stages are not terminated, then larvae will spin cocoons and enter the pupal stage. Basically, cues including vibration, pressure and carbon dioxide let a pupa know that it’s a good time to become an adult because a potential host (dog, cat, you) is near.


Carpet cleaning is must when there is a huge infestation of fleas. There are options to clean the carpet on daily basis for example:

  • A person can clean the carpet every day for a period of 14 days in order to get rid of them.
  • It would be extremely important to clean the upholstery to get rid of them.
  • Carpet cleaning becomes easier with the help of the vacuum cleaners however, it is important to empty the bag at a different place from the house. One should avoid the fleas at all costs.

However, because technological advancement has brought numerous changes in the life of a modern individual making them accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle many people might not find time for carpet cleaning. Under such circumstances, it is important to consider the carpet cleaning services.


There are several ways to find the carpet cleaning services such as:

  • Ask the friends and family members for the recommendations. Someone in the family might have a similar issue and they can guide on what to do about it.
  • Search on the internet. The search engines display a variety of results along with the reviews.

The reviews give an idea about the professional level of a certain company providing carpet-cleaning services. People who have actually been through a similar situation put these reviews.

But, it is important to make sure that the reviews are genuine. Don’t want to spend time? Right! Call us (847) 973-73-87 and we’ll help you with carpet cleaning.


After getting rid of the fleas by taking the assistance of carpet cleaning services or by working hard daily, it is important to maintain cleanliness in the house. The following measures are important:

  • Make sure to take the pet to vet in case of flea infestation and the pet is scratching a lot.
  • Make sure to maintain cleanliness in the house. A clean house gives out positive vibes and everybody likes it.
  • Make sure to regularly check the carpets, upholstery, curtains, and furniture. It is important to be very sure that there are no signs of fleas.

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