Apartment Cleaning

How does our apartment cleaning program work?

We start the apartment cleaning with communicating with owners/tenants to have better understanding and be able to meet client’s needs the best we can. When the recurring service is required our first clean is always a deep cleaning. First clean always requires more time, we are providing general thorough cleaning of entire apartment and having special attention on the kitchen and bathrooms, because we understand that it’s the biggest concern. So the detail list of tasks is given below:

  • Bathroomstrash emptied, wiping the walls with tile and grout cleaners, clean shower track/ curtain line, scrub bath/shower/toilet, vanity cleaned, countertop wiped, scrub sink, wipe down the cabinet fronts, mirror cleaned/Faucet cleaned and shiny, floors cleaned
  • Sleeping Areasmake a bed (linens changing upon request), remove clutter and dust,  general dusting , furniture dusted, vacuum the upholstered furniture if needed, vacuum the floors, mopping the floors (if not carpeted)
  • Living Areasupholstered furniture vacuumed if needed, cushions and pillows – fluffed and straightened, general dusting of all surfaces, floors and carpets vacuumed, floors mopped (if not carpeted), hallways and stairs vacuumed, hallways and stairs  washed (if not carpeted)
  • Kitchenwipe down countertops and cabinets fronts (inside if requested), appliance exterior (Fridge, dishwasher etc. – inside if requested), microwave inside/outside and stove top (inside if requested), sink inside and around, trash emptied ,floors cleaned
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