After Renovation Cleaning

Our cleaning system sets us apart. Our customers keep coming back to us, because we provide services that work and keep their homes and apartments clean, right down to the little details.

How does our after renovation cleaning program work?

Well, first of all, Congratulations! After all struggles have gone into completing project, you can enjoy your new home, but there’s still one “but” remaining. Lucky for you we will help you with solving this “but” problem. You still need to do the post-construction cleanup and we are happy to provide it for you. We believe that you can spend the time that you would have spent on cleaning up – on something more pleasant and useful instead. What extras we offer for this type of cleaning:

  • General Clean-UpClean the walls, dust ceilings and ceiling fans, clean trim, baseboards, window frames, and doors, vacuum carpet, clean and polish floors, wipe down all windows, clean all light fixtures and bulbs, remove and dispose of all garbage
  • Kitchen, bath and other AreasVacuum, dust, and clean shelving, clean cabinet doors and tops of cabinets, scrub countertops and backsplashes, clear excess debris from around sinks and faucets, clean all appliances inside and out, clean toilets and mirrors
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